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RealSantaClause ha detto riguardo a Principesse Disney
Hello children, both naughty and nice!
I have come to cheer your day,
Although Natale is past
And your spirit has died
I have come
To wake it up once more!
HOHOHO CHILDREN postato più di un anno fa
princecatcher93 commentato…
You're not Santa! più di un anno fa
zikkiforever commentato…
It is also sort if creepy putting children and dear in posts. It makes me feel like some weird old man is watching over me. It just feels strange *shudders* più di un anno fa
shanyuisboss commentato…
Okay this guy is obviously trolling. più di un anno fa
TotalDramaFan60 detto …
We all have to fan Santa. (Fans) postato più di un anno fa
mizorewannabe detto …
SANTAAAAAAAAA!!!! postato più di un anno fa