Clark Kent

fan dal March 2013

  • Male, 40 years old
  • Metropolis, USA!!!! The single GREATEST country in the world!!!!
  • Favorite TV Show: Smallville, Superman TAS
    Favorite Movie: Superman, except for Superman IV that one sucked...
    Favorite Musician: I Amore the US national anthem, and America the Beautiful, and the Smallville theme called Save Me
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SuperManOfSteel ha detto riguardo a TheOfficialJLA
Has anyone seen Batman lately? We haven't talked since.... well, te know, since Robin left. I'm kind of getting worried postato più di un anno fa
blackshade commentato…
hai Superman i thought i seen him earlier when i was patroling gotham one time..... does that help? più di un anno fa
SuperManOfSteel ha detto riguardo a Young Justice
ciao guys! U hear about my AWESOME new movie?!? Yup! I'm going to see it sometime here. postato più di un anno fa
RealSuperboy commentato…
Oh, yeah, Megan was telling me about it. It looks... cool. I'd like to see it. più di un anno fa
SuperManOfSteel commentato…
Yeah, it does look cool. And hey, I've been thinking about it and... well, maybe I could take te to see it? I dunno, then maybe we can do coffee sometime. più di un anno fa
RealSuperboy commentato…
Saturday sounds great. più di un anno fa
SuperManOfSteel ha detto riguardo a Young Justice
Hey, has anyone seen my glasses? I've been Superman for like, 3 days now... postato più di un anno fa
brown-eyed-girl commentato…
did te try Jessica's house? più di un anno fa
YJgirlforever commentato…
This is both entertaining and annoying, it makes me want to get a kryptonite laced guanto and punch, punzone Superman,,, what I might have one in my closet. *goes to closet* più di un anno fa
TheRealBatman commentato…
te can borrow mine, YJgirl. più di un anno fa