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After over a month, I actual wrote something for my blog (the link is on my profile), a first impression of the new Anime "Humanity has Declined."

"Question: If te bend something enough, does it become effectively "straight" again? This is what the Anime "Humanity has Declined," a satire of modern society (big companies, mass production, questionable actions da those in power, meetings, ect), seems to be exploring."

I will post the articolo here later, just without pics. postato più di un anno fa
Sejuru commentato…
who cares più di un anno fa
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*finishes episode 16 of Fate/Zero* te know what, Kira wasn't that bad of a guy. I mean sure he did some things, but they weren't that bad when I think of it. I mean, I feel sorry for having as my most hated (to be clear, when I say this, I don't mean I dislike the character, just I hate his actions) character. I mean he is a nice guy. At least, compared *twitch* to this one guy ^_^ *twitch* postato più di un anno fa
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Hello(: postato più di un anno fa
Vin_Howard2 commentato…
hay; thanks for the omaggio :) più di un anno fa
Tuxy1999 detto …
Hi! I added you, but there is no need to add me back! :) postato più di un anno fa
Vin_Howard2 commentato…
ty; btw, I am cena picky about who I "fan" and only do it to people I have known on here for awhile più di un anno fa
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te know I do believe the "Dedicated fan/die hard fan/fanatic" system is broken in that it can be easily abused and does not accurately record ones actual contributions; just look at the "Best contributors" and tell me if te have even seen any of them on here; hell, the superiore, in alto one is also a "fanatic" of 32 clubs

I would guess te could easily get fanatic if te spammed postato a lot of images/questions/links, stuff which doesn't actually contribute much of anything to the actual community. postato più di un anno fa
Vin_Howard2 commentato…
I think the system should be instead based solely on bacheca posts, articles, domanda answered, comments, and polls; and also throwing in a rep system would also be nice più di un anno fa
Nikku_Uchiha commentato…
yes plz lets all get along were all a Anime family here ^ i agree più di un anno fa
LostOblivion commentato…
Any system of merit can and will be abused no point changing to something that will still be abused. And I got a medal on the Pokémon spot most likely due to the fact I uploaded 500 pic in around a week. Did I do it for the medal? No, since I don't really give a fuck about the medal system instead I did it to add quality fanart to the club. più di un anno fa
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*has never seen the "top contributors" on here before* postato più di un anno fa
ataro commentato…
ciao same, I just noticed it yesterday. più di un anno fa
TeamKenshin detto …
I put some examples of my drawings in my foto spot. I do do full body pics, it's just those are most recent. postato più di un anno fa
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*stumbles upon his old Anime Youtube playlist and goes thtrough it* *hits the part containing the "Chrome Shelled Regios" ost* HOLY ****, how could I forget about this ost! Best ost evar!!!! postato più di un anno fa
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I am seriously thinking of picking up my Soul Eater fanfic again; IF I do it, though, I will entirely recreate the series; and if the first series does good, I will release a "squeal" that will be its own independent story (aka not a fanfic, but an original work) postato più di un anno fa
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Ok, review for Casshern Sins is now posted. te can check it out on my blog, o here on fanpop (link) postato più di un anno fa
animegurl235 commentato…
nice review :) più di un anno fa
Vin_Howard2 commentato…
thanks :D più di un anno fa