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XxKeithHarkinxX ha detto riguardo a random
Im lowkey surprised this website still alive and semi functional ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ postato più di un anno fa
zanhar1 commentato…
Same tho. Though semi functional is a bit of a stretch at this point lmao, I can't even make new clubs. più di un anno fa
melodybryant commentato…
yep same più di un anno fa
Lusamine commentato…
I'm high-key surprised I haven't been banned yet lmfao. più di un anno fa
XxKeithHarkinxX ha detto riguardo a random
update, 6 years later and im still emo. postato più di un anno fa
zanhar1 commentato…
I'm still in my so random xD *rawr* phase più di un anno fa
Mauserfan1910 commentato…
te people are old as shit. Six years fa I was barely growing tits. più di un anno fa
8theGreat commentato…
I guess it really wasn't a phase, Mom. più di un anno fa
zanhar1 commentato…
It became a lifestyle mom. Though I think I'm più Gothic than anything. più di un anno fa
8theGreat mi ha dato omaggio per my links
link Here's some of my più recente stuff. Sorry for taking a few days, I was anticipating moving (which didnt freaking happen but thats another story) so I was a bit busy this week.
I was going to post più but a lot of them wouldn't carica properly for some reason?
Also full disclaimer, my mentor has drawn over/corrected a good portion of them. It's still all my work but he's tidied them up a bit.
//lowkey can't wait to see your stuff postato più di un anno fa