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To add text, simply open Paint program o a different image manipulator in which te can choose the text and write on your image :] Or, te can just message me the text and I can do it.. ^.^

-FOR THOSE WHO HAVE MY profilo IMAGES- postato più di un anno fa
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-I'm Evie. It's not my real name, but it's a nickname.
-I'm thirteen. But I'm super mature for my age ^.^
-I Amore to draw and write fanfiction stories!! >.<
-I hate posers and liars. Also fakers. And posers and liars.
-Visit me on my MyDivaDoll account: link I go online there much più than I do on this site <3

-PLEASE READ the successivo few posts! They're my rules. Please follow them! postato più di un anno fa