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mat25 ha detto riguardo a BoBoiBoy
check this forum > link postato più di un anno fa
MirandaAlivia commentato…
LOL!! It's BoBoiBoy forum but the cover picture is K-On! Anime più di un anno fa
mat25 commentato…
wanna unisciti più di un anno fa
mat25 ha detto riguardo a BoBoiBoy
recently i have calculate the strength of yaya punching power, da using one her powerstyle sposta yaya powerful punch, punzone was about 5ton that equivalent to 5,000kg meaning that her punch, punzone was about the mass of five small car postato più di un anno fa
makemesmile1000 commentato…
Awesome! How did te calculate that? più di un anno fa
mat25 commentato…
da estimate impact power of her punch, punzone più di un anno fa
amirul5 commentato…
yes più di un anno fa