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FemSonicxBlaze detto …
I am happy there is another person who ships elsanna postato ·2 mesi fa
princesselsa158 mi ha dato omaggio per my polls
Can te unisciti my club?
link postato più di un anno fa
prinelsa ha detto riguardo a Critical Analysis of Twilight
Why don't te make the motto "Twilight Hating, if you're a Twihard refute our arguments I dare te and we'll ignore everything te say because 90% of this club is made of haters", that would be più subtle and less confusing. postato più di un anno fa
sarabeara commentato…
Yes, people are not allowed to critique art/pop culture. te must blindly Amore everything o else you're a "hater." Wouldn't want to make te actually have to THINK about things. più di un anno fa