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wanderingchild7 detto …
Aaaaand I think this is it... It was nice to have a few minuti of nostalgia, but seeing that the site is basically dead and that I can't believe the cringe I use to post here, I think I will skip this one. See te another six years from now! postato più di un anno fa
wanderingchild7 detto …
Alright, this is going to be weird: a couple of years fa I stopped using fanpop as I branched out towards other sites, like tumblr. Eventually I forgot what my username and password were and today 6(?) years after my first sign in I finally remembered. I feel so stupid, yet at the same time I would like to see what was going on while I was away! postato più di un anno fa
deedragongirl detto …
Hi Naomi! postato più di un anno fa