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Hi -___- postato più di un anno fa
Guess who's Leggere Fifty Shades Freed ??
ME !!!!
I finished the other 2 in record time , Three days to be exact ... I got the Trilogy on my phone and when i started Leggere I just couldn't stop
the first book was finished in a two days and the secondo in a giorno ..

They're HOT ! and now I stopped on pg. 17 in the third book because of family issues

I Amore CHRISTIAN GREY <3 postato più di un anno fa
gracebrooks commentato…
i read all 3 libri in a 7days i think it might have taken less time but unfortunately i work . più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
First off : this episode was overwhelming , hot and cold and all over the place .
that being detto , i am not pissed that all these stuff happened , i just think Damon is stupid at the moment when he compelled her BUT back then it was all about the greater agenda for him .
what got me crying my eyes out is when he saw Alaric dying and figuered out that Elena was dying too , also when he storms into the hospital screaming where is she .
lets just hope when Elena remembers everything SPECIALLY postato più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 commentato…
THAT MOMENT o i'll just grab a stake and drive it through her cuore ;)) più di un anno fa
jenay commentato…
Yeah the tears in his eyes and hes pissed shes a vampire now especially when he didn't want to be one and he will understand how she feels. più di un anno fa
ggdelena commentato…
alaric dying was a sad moment più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ELENA IS baciare DAMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE PRACTICALLY RUNNIG TO HIM !!!!!!!!!!!

(fangirl mania over ) i was telling myself since the giorno i was that JP interview that it's just going to be shirtless Damon and elena ogling him , nothing più ................
but OMFG she is running to baciare him , although i can't hear what says before damon says " why ? "

i'm SOOOOOO excited postato più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 commentato…
i meant to say " since the giorno i SAW that JP ... " but i'm tooo happy to care più di un anno fa
Delenafan2 commentato…
If that scene is for real, then I'm DYING to see it too!! OMFG, I can't wait till tomorrow! più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
the tension will INCREASE when Damon escorts Elena to the annual decade dance. This year's theme: the 20s!
THIS is why i'm not losing hope in DE
although in todays episode we had one scene for just the 2 of them , it was filled with some great lines . postato più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
TVD Scoop : we’ll also see Damon make a decision that changes the dynamic of the central Amore triangolo significantly. We’ve been sworn to secrecy, so we’ll just say that a gasp rang through the room full of journalists and cast members when we saw the scene.

We’ll also say that we’ve never loved Elena più than we do da the time this episode draws to its cliffhanger ending. Trust us, te don’t want to miss this episode, so tune in to The CW at 8 p.m. on Thursday night.

postato più di un anno fa
Miiss_Universee commentato…
wat frikin Amore triangle? its all one sided better be somethin gd.. più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 commentato…
i have plent of ideas about that scene : A - heated baciare B- elena saying i Amore te damon più di un anno fa
delenaluv commentato…
maybe damon stakes himself to sacrifice his life for elena. that would make me gasp to if i saw him do that to himself even if i new he wasnt gonna die più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
could Damon be the one who is the titolo for 2×22 '' As I Lay Dying '' referring to ?!! i just saw the pics for the episode and it looks amazing and kinda sad but mostly pretty good , i'm sure this will be a Delena-Full episode ( at least i hope so :D ) postato più di un anno fa
DianaSalvatore commentato…
I'm sure the titolo is referring to Damon. And I really believe it'll be full of D/E. <3 più di un anno fa
Damon369 commentato…
I hope so <3 più di un anno fa
tvd_Rachelxx commentato…
i hope it not for Damon :( there will be a mob of angry fan if Damon dies ;) più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Elijah
ok i need to get out o pretty much burst it out :D Elijah & Klaus were Drop-Dead gorgeos in this episode specially in the flashbacks postato più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
two things i've noticed that they're our lucky charms for DE ... 1- number 8 : every episode had the number 8 in the titolo was DE (EP.8) Damon moment '' i Amore te elena '' (EP. 18) Delena Dance , Damon moment '' i will aways choose te '' i bet if the mostra was 28 episodes we could have gotten the baciare ...... but these days with st. stefan all over blind elena doesnt help with our DE lack of scenes situation postato più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 commentato…
sorry forgot to post number 2 - elena's ponytail : gets Damon all over her NOT st.stefan like in episodes (Daddy Issues - The Last Dance) più di un anno fa
yasmeen40 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
facts : A - the FACT that damon loves elena is clear to any Bamon fan now after '' let me be clear about something , if it comes down to u and the witch again , i will gladly let bonnie die. i will ALWAYS choose te '' B- the FACTthat elena MUST be blind not to give damon any chance . postato più di un anno fa
az0965022 commentato…
i know....when he detto that i was like come on elena just baciare him hug him anything più di un anno fa
Delenafan2 commentato…
Yeah, I'm with te on that az0965022. I was so hoping she'd hug him o "something". più di un anno fa
rosyn_cullen commentato…
for a moment I thought that they were going to baciare :) più di un anno fa