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Humphrey x Kate
Garth x Lilly
la scelta dei fan: Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere
Kate Higgins
la scelta dei fan: Dennis Hopper (though it was his final film)
Dennis Hopper (though it was...
Bill Lader
la scelta dei fan: Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci
Kate Higgins
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TimberHumphrey detto …
man, the A&O game is terrible! never mind the poor graphics, but all the game is, it's just 4 mini-games that are way too easy to win, making the whole entire game feel BORING postato ·10 ore fa
QueenWhiskey commentato…
I didn't really bother trying to get it. ·3 ore fa
Chidori1334 commentato…
Even getting achievements too un’ora fa
Chidori1334 detto …
Should another A&O game be just for Nintendo switch? o should it be for all consoles? postato ·12 ore fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
not sure honestly. i think it's better to be on the PS 4 o Xbox 360 ·10 ore fa
Chidori1334 commentato…
That be great if it was on those with PC un’ora fa
TimberHumphrey detto …
the best way to describe The Nut Job 2 is.... boring. even if it does do a few things right, it's still so un-engaging and uninteresting, you'll probably fall asleep halfway through postato ·14 ore fa