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TimberHumphrey detto …
Claudette baciare the air while moaning and sognare ad occhi aperti about Fleet.....
i'm sorry, but did they really think THAT was supposed to be funny? it was hands down the creepiest scene in the entire franchise! postato ·12 ore fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
Im glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. Seriously wtf XD ·9 ore fa
QueenWhiskey commentato…
I Wouldn't Say Creepy. Its più Like Cringe-Worthy. ·8 ore fa
TimberHumphrey detto …
i swear, BBA (Blackblood Alliance) just keeps getting better and better with every new page XD
Kay never disappoints! postato ·13 ore fa
SentinelPrime89 detto …
Here's a pretty big plot hole in Alpha and Omega 4. How exactly does Daria know her surroundings so well despite being blind and having exiled herself to a cave for no one knows how long? Makes me domanda exactly how far her disability goes. Is she completely blind o is it più of a blur? postato ·14 ore fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
well the movie does establish that she has great hearing ·13 ore fa
Bobsheaux commentato…
The movie SAYS that she has great hearing, and I can believe someone being visually impaired compensating with their other senses. Daria COULD have sharper hearing and smelling than the other wolves... except when they try to take her back to Rabbit Poo Mountain (which has NO BUSINESS BEING CALLED THAT!!!), she's completely helpless. The movie has no idea what it wants to do with her. ·6 ore fa