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la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: I'm not gay!
I&# 39; m not gay!
la scelta dei fan: Alpha and omega
la scelta dei fan: King
la scelta dei fan: Kate
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Imagine7197 detto …
Omg the new Equestria girls ep is so funny. :p postato ·11 ore fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
they just keep finding new ways for me to Amore Sunset even più lol ·8 ore fa
Imagine7197 commentato…
Ikr? Lol. Got5a Amore a gamer girl :p ·8 ore fa
Imagine7197 detto …
*Clears Throat* Praise The Moon XD postato un giorno fa
TimberHumphrey detto …
this has been a really sad moment for all us bronies: at the 2019 Toy Fair, Hasbro officially announced.... that S9 is the final season of FiM. which means.... it’ll end this anno :( postato ·5 giorni fa
Imagine7197 commentato…
Ik! Im so sad!. Oh well. The mostra may end. But does the fandom really Have to? ·5 giorni fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
thankfully, no. the fandom's here to stay ·4 giorni fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
well, the show's still 2 years away, so we'll just have to wait ·8 ore fa