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TimberHumphrey detto …
The Emoji Movie has the exact same rating as The Nut Job 2 on Rotten Tomatoes.......
look, The Nut Job 2 definitely wasn't good, but at least that movie had a soul and some effort put into it. The Emoji Movie had NOTHING to it! postato un giorno fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
and hell, the fact that The Emoji Movie somehow even got that 10% rating makes me wanna give up on Rotten Tomatoes entirely! un giorno fa
GreyFox99 commentato…
I heard the Nut Job 2 was slightly better than the first. un giorno fa
QueenWhiskey commentato…
I've Been Gave Up On Rotten Tomatoes. un giorno fa
TimberHumphrey detto …
i'd rather sit through all the MLP: Equestria Girls Film in a row, than to ever sit through another A&O sequel again! postato ·2 giorni fa
TimberHumphrey detto …
look at Lionsgate, trying to taunt us da saying "on to new adventures", like there's gonna be più sequels. what fucking assholes! postato ·2 giorni fa
GreyFox99 commentato…
Man I hope it's just a joke. ·2 giorni fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
same here ·2 giorni fa
Chidori1334 commentato…
That they might hint ·2 giorni fa