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la scelta dei fan: caramelle and Sweets
la scelta dei fan: Both!
la scelta dei fan: Kate+Humphrey
Kate+ Humphrey
Garth+ Lilly
la scelta dei fan: Lucille him
la scelta dei fan: Everything about the sequels!
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TimberHumphrey detto …
"yeah, te didn't know papa was a rolling stone, did ya?"
Humphrey, how do te know who The Rolling Stones are? postato ·18 ore fa
Shadow1997 commentato…
Why does it matter? ·15 ore fa
SentinelPrime89 commentato…
Think it's sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza to assume they know everything from Natale to music. ·15 ore fa
Shadow1997 commentato…
Sooo? Its a frictional world? I honestly don't see the problem ·8 ore fa
TimberHumphrey commentato…
there still should be an explanation to how he knows that un’ora fa
TheRealHumphrey detto …
Anyone up to chat? Getting alittle bored and lonely. Guy o girl will work. Hit me up on message :) postato ·21 ore fa
Angelpup101 detto …
Made a Daria club because she didn't have one. Daria (Alpha and Omega series). o te might want to jion my club a club about me Angel from Lady and the Tramp 2 it's the same name as me. :) postato ·2 giorni fa