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Kate and humphrey came home after a long giorno of hunting and shit like that and they were tired so they went to letto and kate fell asleep having a nightmare [Night mare begin's Lately Kate was scared about this killer that she heard about on the news his name was fukaro and she had heard the legend] Kate wake's up in her dream and she get's up to get a glass of water and on her way to the cucina she hears a loud scraping noise and she Thinks oh its just my imagination and she pours the glass of water from the sink but instead she gets blood and she screams and goes and turn on the Televisione and it was static she was kinda freaked so she went to the letto room and layed successivo to humphrey and she heard thumping in son Jon's room and she went to check and she found him dead and she screamed and ran to his side but as she did somthing walked fast da the door way making a scraping sound and she heard a loud thud and humphrey cry out in pain and then another thud she started to scream as Fukaro came in the room his great coltello in his hand all bloody and she screamed and suddenly Jon's dead body detto 'Kate Kate! wake up Hun!' [Nightmare ends] Kate woke and started to cry she was scared Humphrey gave her a hug and detto 'kate it alright te had a nightmare your fine Jon is fine...' Just then there was a loud thud coming from Jon's room and humphrey got up and grabed his desert eagle and went down the hall to Jon's room and kicked the door open to see his son and a friend wrestling and he sighed in relief and went out to the front of the tana, den and the sun was rising and Jasper looked beautiful so him and kate sat watching the sun rise..... [End of part 1]
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