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Life With Sarah

Chapter 1

How We Met

It was the 25th of July, and I was walking to the supermercato to get some groceries. It was then I caught a glimmer of this beautiful lupo running in the park. I stopped walking and I turned around and couldn’t see anything which I thought was strange. Then I heard this yelp coming from behind a big palm tree. I ran over to the albero and there behind the albero and to my surprise it was the lupo I had seen before, her pelliccia as rosa as a rose and her eyes greener than the leaves. I detto “are te all right”. “No, I think I broke my ankle she detto in a sad tone. “Ok, let me take te to the vets” I said. “Oh, would te do that for me” she detto as I lifted her up. “The nearest vet is 10 kilometres (5 miles) away” I sighed. “Oh well if it’s to get a pretty lupo like te to some help” I detto with a smile on my face as I started walking. “Do te really think I’m pretty” she detto as she looked up at me, “Hell yes you’re the prettiest lupo I’ve ever seen” I detto with a big smile on my face. She blushed and detto “Thank you, you’re so sweet”. “Do te really think I’m sweet” I replied. “Yes, te are” she giggled. “My name is Curt” I detto nervously. “My name is Sarah” she replied. “Nice to meet te Sarah” I said. “And it’s nice to meet te Curt” Sarah replied. As I continued to carry Sarah up the street, I repeatedly look down at Sarah in my arms and I thought “wow she is the most beautiful lupo I’ve ever seen”. And then I thought “but she wouldn’t go for a human like me”. Then Sarah detto “um Curt” “yes Sarah what is it “I replied “. “I was thinking would te like to be umm” Sarah detto nervously. “What is it Sarah” I detto as I stopped walking and looked down at her. “Would te umm like to be my mate” Sarah detto very quickly and nervously. “What, did te just say” I detto as I dropped Sarah on the ground. “Ow!, I detto would te like to be my mate” Sarah detto as she was rubbing her head were she fell. “I know what te said, are te serious “I replied completely jaw dropped. “Yes te silly fool” Sarah detto as she smiled and closed my jaw. “Yes, I would Amore too” I detto with a big grin on my face. “But first let’s get that ankle looked at” I detto as I picked Sarah off the ground and as I did she gave me a big lick across the face. “There was one thing I have to tell you” I detto shyly. “Yes, what is it my sexy man” Sarah detto as she put her arms around my neck. “When I first laid my eyes on te I thought te were the sexiest lupo ever” I detto excitedly. “Really” Sarah giggled. “Yes really sexy” I detto as I kissed her on the cheek. “I Amore te sexy” Sarah detto as she gave me a big baciare on the cheek. “I Amore te too” I replied and smiled at her.
Ten minuti later we arrived at the vets. “Excuse me” I detto to the receptionist. “Yes Sir, how may I help you” she replied. “I think this lupo has broken her ankle” I detto in a worried tone. “Ok, take a sede, sedile over there, what’s your name wolf” She said. “My name is Sarah” Sarah detto to the receptionist. “Ok, the veterinarian will be right with you”, the receptionist said. I carried Sarah to the chairs and sat her in one and I sat successivo to her. Fifteen minuti later the veterinarian walked out and detto “Sarah, Sarah the wolf”. “Yes that’s me” Sarah said. I got out of the chair and picked up Sarah and took her into the room. “So what seems to be the problem” the vet said. “I think she has broken her ankle” I said. The vet looked at Sarah’s ankle and detto “it’s not broken it’s just sprained” “I Suggest taking it easy and putting cold packs on it and it should be better in no time” the vet said. “Ok” I detto as I lifted Sarah up and left the vets. “Can we go to your house baby” Sarah said. “Sure baby anything te want”. Twenty minuti later we got back to my house. I went to the bedroom and laid Sarah on the bed. “There te go baby” I detto exhausted from the walk. “Thanks baby come and lie with me “Sarah said. “Ok” I detto as I lay on the letto successivo to Sarah. Sarah started baciare me on the lips. So we both started baciare and we eventually fell asleep.
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Humphrey having no idea of what just occurred stumbled on his way several police car flew da lights going. Humphrey continued to walk and finnally seeming like forever he made it home and knocked on the door cause it was locked. ~1 minuto later~ Kate opened the door and let him in and humphrey went and layed down having a throbbing headache. ~Tuesday morning~ Humphrey awoke feeling drowsy he Absoulutely hted this feeling so he went into the cucina But found nothing to eat at the moment so he went to his Office in which he does hhis work at home from and found something that wasn't very funny...
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