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la scelta dei fan: Barbie in the Nutcracker
la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: Long rosa Dress
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Candywitch detto …
Mattel has created their own movie division which means they'll be making Film and specials so it's probably not the end of Barbie movies. postato un giorno fa
mhikari commentato…
Cool there still hopes. un giorno fa
BarbieRosella commentato…
That's good news... I guess. ·3 ore fa
barbieboonchit detto …
How i can watch Dreamhouse Adventure ss 2?
Mattel still blocks my Netflix contry. postato ·6 giorni fa
Candywitch commentato…
Hopefully someone will carica it like last time. un giorno fa
barbieboonchit detto …
Have u heard about Dreamhuose Adventre ss2?
I saw some new pics of new ep but they still not lunch on Netflix yet
So i wonder where can i wach them? postato ·22 giorni fa
connor3 commentato…
New episodes will be released Sept 13. The pics u saw are probably from the trailer that was uploaded on Barbie Youtube account. ·16 giorni fa