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la scelta dei fan: Anneliese
la scelta dei fan: Tori and Keira
la scelta dei fan: Worse- I like the classics!
la scelta dei fan: 12 dancing princess
12 dancing princess
Diamond castel
la scelta dei fan: Yes!
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barbieboonchit detto …
So Festival of Fun it's the upcoming project of Barbie Drematopia that the news detto years ago?
Due to they just post the new teaser of the mostra (which i thought the mostra was stopped cuz they didn't post it in recente mese ) ,so it made me think like that
what's te guys think? postato ·4 giorni fa
nmdis commentato…
Actually I haven't watched any Dreamtopia episode as I wasn't really interested I'd have loved it if they made Fairytopia a series o maybe PCS? These kind of films could go incredibly well in series and interest teen girls but I don't think the same about Dreamtopia. ·3 giorni fa
Sparklefairy375 commentato…
^Agreed. Dreamtopia is più like to be marketed for preschool little girls. ·3 giorni fa
angelclouds detto …
Hello guys, what's the successivo animated film of Barbie for 2017? postato ·21 giorni fa
Sparklefairy375 commentato…
Their successivo project called as "Barbie delfino Magic" but some rumours detto it won't be a movie so we have no ideas about it. ·19 giorni fa
sparkletoes detto …
Amy schumer drops out of Barbie live action movie. postato un mese fa
FairyAmbassador commentato…
Yay! :D un mese fa
MelodyLaurel commentato…
Because mainstream media ruins everything. ·28 giorni fa
nmdis commentato…
@Olivia: Yep, as Lexie detto that Barbie does mostra her femine side and still manages to do good deeds and be brave, funny, sporty o whatever she wants to be. Media portrays her as not a "good" ideal for kids but honestly as a person growing up watching BM I have developed this belief that I can look pretty , wear heels o not depending upon my mood and still play video games, programme and play sports. The main message of all of her movie is to be a good human which certainly the "social media" ignores. So I want them to revive the old BM so people can see the real her. ·27 giorni fa