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 Oil Brush Practice
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Practicing Oil Brush from MS Paint, it's quite hard to use tbh
fan art
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Great. I did it.
Nobody will know my brilliant element.
They fell asleep.

Now I know a idea.
I'll give them each a nightmare.
Sarah's dream is the worst.

Sarah's POV (I SHALL CHOOSE THIS POV AS THE successivo ONE *flips table*)
"O..O..ww.." I mumbled..
W-Where am I?
"AHH!!!" I heard a scream.
Oh gosh..
I ran to see where the scream was coming from.
It was..
Fred.. S-Stanford..
Blood is everywhere..
Another scream?
I ran to where the scream was coming from.
Katrina Kirkwood...
She's DEAD!...
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Leanne's POV

Pain~, without love. Pain~, can't get enough. Pain~, I like it rough. I rather feel pain than nothing at all.
I Amore that song.
"Leeannneee!" I heard someone whine. "Yeah?" I asked. "I heard about the principal wanting to prepare a play for a contest. If we win, we will get 10 thousand dollars! It's gonna be so exciting!" Katrina exclaimed.
I can't imagine Katrina's Amore for plays.
Everytime there's a play, she always get one of the main roles.
Like I swear, she loves doing plays and doesn't have stage fright.
Unlike me... I have stage fright...
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Fred's POV
"COOONNNNNNEEEERRRRR!!!" I heard a girl scream.
I turned around and ran through the crowd, letting go of Sarah's hand. "Excuse me." I detto kindly. People moved to make me pass.
I saw Nancy Rockwell being angry with Conner Edmond, with Frank Lynch laughing his lungs off.
Nancy had blonde hair, wears grey head band, white shirt, black belt, sparkly white skirt, and grey shoes.
Nancy was one of these 'showoff' girls.
Conner had orange-yellowish hair, yellow shirt, white pants, and yellow shoes.
He's popolare due to the fact that he keeps on fighting with Frank and...
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My first fanfic, enjoy!
Sorry if it's bad. :(

Brenden's POV


"Shut up alarm!" I shouted. I looked at the time, 7:55.
Oh god, it's my new first giorno of high school, and I wanna put screws on my lips. I moved to another school due to the fact I had to move.
"Crap!" I ran to my closet, quickly changed into a red camicia with a black volpe digital art on it, black jeans, and white socks. I went to grab my red cap, and put it on. I ran downstairs, "What's with te in a hurry sweetie?" My mom said, "I'm nearly late!" I quickly putted on my white shoes and ran outside. I ran to the school, Object...
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