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pandafangirl detto …
anyone hve amino here? postato ·2 giorni fa
PureHeroine detto …
Regarding the Anime icona contest:

The contest will be delayed until fanpop will fix the 'image problem'. I can't carica pictures in sondaggi at all. I'm sorry for the wait. I really hope fanpop will start fixing things soon. postato ·3 giorni fa
i hope ·3 giorni fa
Lusamine commentato…
So me and my girlfriend aren't the only ones that are having this problem? Wow. ·2 giorni fa
PureHeroine detto …
For everyone who wants to participate the successivo round of the Anime icona contest:

I noticed that I can't carica pictures to the forum, so if anyone here has the same problem and wants to participate, carica your icona to 'Imgur' and send me the link to it on my bacheca o in a private message and I will include your icona in the round! postato ·6 giorni fa