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la scelta dei fan: YES!!!!
Stay single
la scelta dei fan: Camp Half-Blood (Greeks)
Camp Half- Blood (Greeks)
Camp Jupiter (Romans)
la scelta dei fan: yes. i Amore chicken but i also Amore chips?
yes. i Amore chicken but i also...
i hate them both
la scelta dei fan: Yep, it's possible
Yep, it&# 39; s possible
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5 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
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IstJae513 detto …
LIVE!!!!!! postato più di un anno fa
Oceangirl14 detto …
I'm Lea, daughter of Poseidon, half brother to Percy, but I only come to camp every once and a while because I'm a runaway (from everything). Don't worry though, I have a special magical weapon (made from Hephaestus himself, got his favor, long story) made of celestial bronze and stygnian iron (my great great great great great grandfather was Hades). That about sums me up, da the way, anyone want to come hell hound hunting? ;) postato più di un anno fa
SkyAuror23741 detto …
Hi everyone i'm Anna can call me Sparks. I'm a child of Zeus,sister to Thalia & Jason.And totally looks & seems like a child of Aphrodite, Hestia,Artemis,or Athena but is a daughter of Zeus! I'm also a Hunter Of Artemis,but i secretly have a teeny tiny crush on a guy at Camp Half-Blood.Thalia & two of my Friends are the only people that know about my crush,so please don't tell Lady Artemis o Zeus! Please! postato più di un anno fa
queengirl61 commentato…
Hi Sparks :) my names Alexis and I'm the daughter of Hephaestus! più di un anno fa
littleannabeth commentato…
Hi Anna I'm Megan jones daughter of iris più di un anno fa