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Opinion by cruella posted più di un anno fa
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So many people have lists of their 'most beautiful' o 'prettiest' heroines, so I thought (being the villain fan that I am) why not do one about villainesses? Keep in mind this articolo is just my opinion about the appearance of the characters. I'm not trying to say anything about how good they are as a character, nor do I care if te disagree with my opinion.

10. Maleficent (sleeping beauty ):
She's an interesting mix of classic and untraditional beauty. te wouldn't think that someone with horns on their head and green skin would be beautiful, let only elegant; yet somehow she pulls it off.

9. Cruella De Vil (101 dalmatians):
Yeah, yeah, I know, te all think she's butt ugly. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think she's gorgeous! lol Much like Megara, I've always loved her sharp, exaggerated features, and I think she has a lot of elegance to her. I know, she's not a traditional beauty, da any stretch of the imagination, but I still find her very attractive.
Opinion by cruella posted più di un anno fa
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Often the villains are drawn to look very unattractive in contrast with the hero and heroine's great beauty. But there are always some exceptions rules, especially the with the women. Yes villainesses are sometimes drawn to be stunning, which in some ways makes them even scarier.

This lista is not my personal opinion. Some members of FanPop took part in this countdown and gave me their superiore, in alto 10 most beautiful villainesses . If it was first on somebody’s list, I gave it 10 points, secondo place it got 9, and so on.

Honorable Mentions
(tied)12. Jaqueline -13pts
(tied)12. Catwoman -13pts
(tied)12. Hollie Would - 13pts
(tied)11. Carmen Sandiego -14pts
(tied)11. Emma Frost -14pts

10.Maleficent- Sleeping Beauty

17 points

She's a bit of a different looking villainess. She's not the classic o traditional beauty da any means, but in a way that's part of her charm. Because despite the fact that she has green skin and huge horns, she still manages to have very elegant look to her. te might say she looks a little like a sexy...
Opinion by Lanalamprouge posted più di un anno fa
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Please OK
te know its so weird but the vilainesses for these Film can be stunningly good looking and here are the ones I think are pretty

The Evil Queen from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She looks very nice but she'd be beautiful if she smiled but...

Mother Gothel from "Tangled"
She has a thick head of beautiful hair and smooth skin and such a teasing smile

But I like the others looks more

Hermanita from "El Cid La Leyenda"
yeah te probably don't know this movie and so have no idea who this is but I though she was so pretty that she simply had to make it on this list. I mean te don't even see her hair for 90% of her on screen time and she still managed to get on this list. she was a nice villain and has a nice smile and i like her eyes!

URSULA! from "The Little mermaid"

IN HER VANESSA FORM!! because in her regular form she barely makes it as a cuteish fat lady. what can I say that hasn't been said? a smirk hidden on the left corner of her lips, wide eyes, hair that waves. very pretty
List by rhythmicmagic posted più di un anno fa
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We have all come to look inoltrare, avanti to the villain song in an animated movie. It is generally a very dramatic, exciting, generally epic song. They are generally considered the best songs in animated movies. They even make us sometimes cheer for the bad guy. 14 members took part in this countdown and gave me their superiore, in alto 10 villain songs. If it was first on someone’s list, I gave it 10 points, secondo place it got 9, etc. Sorry it took so long to post! So here are Fanpop’s superiore, in alto 10 villain songs!

Honorable Mentions
15. Big and Loud - 10 pts
14. The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind- 15 pts
13. Savages Part 1- 16 pts
12. Mine, Mine, Mine- 18 pts
11. Cruella De Vil- 20 pts

10. The Plagues- The Prince of Egypt, 33 pts
This is a little bit of a different villain song. It is Moses and Ramses Canto their opposite sides of whether the Israelites should be allowed to leave. The backdrop of this is, of course, the plagues on Egypt. Ramses refuses to let the Israelites go.