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la scelta dei fan: ciel cute boy style
la scelta dei fan: Amore him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
la scelta dei fan: yes of course!!!
no way never!!!!
la scelta dei fan: WTF, te talking about? o.o
la scelta dei fan: I like all of them
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kawaiibunny detto …
ciel what do te think of te and Lizzy being together postato più di un anno fa
Cathy_77 detto …
Ciel Phantomhive is a nice character postato più di un anno fa
YoungLordCiel commentato…
Thanks. più di un anno fa
CielKurusu detto …
Ciel is the best of them all ^-^ postato più di un anno fa
RomanceGod commentato…
Thank te for being a fan on Quartet Night! I thought there would be più then just one fan but I guess not.I thought a lot of people liked Quartet Night. più di un anno fa
pinkblossom2 commentato…
true he is the best più di un anno fa
YoungLordCiel commentato…
Thank te everyone. più di un anno fa