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lol dont look now guys, but i think we've got ourselves a troll. the domanda is.., what shall we do about it?

seems that someone cant seem to grasp the fact that stelena is as good as over. it was over a LONG time ago. i think this person needs to watch the series all over again. delena were intended to be togther from the start. it was never about stelena. elena fell for damon despite being with stefan. and as for the sirebond, well once again, the sire bond affected how te act not how te feel. look, i know its hard to except, but this person has to face facts. stelena is 100% over.
I think this person ment no harm, she just got mixed up with the spots.
thisthat12 posted più di un anno fa
 loveofdelena posted più di un anno fa
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delenasalvatore said:
segnala her and don't respond. She's just looking for attention...and anyway, if she really IS as confident about her darling little ship as she says she is, then she wouldn't be here trolling, would she?
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posted più di un anno fa 
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