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la scelta dei fan: Ian Somerhalder
la scelta dei fan: S03
la scelta dei fan: Elena saying that doesn't want to see Damon hurted (s03)
Elena saying that doesn&# 39; t...
Bonnie shows Elena that she...
la scelta dei fan: Elena saying that Damon was who will save Stefan (s03)
Elena saying that Damon was...
Katherine saves Damon&# 39; s life...
la scelta dei fan: 3. Damon
3. Damon
1. Stefan
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michaelbowen4 detto …
hi how are te today would te like to be my girl friend and boy friend is that ok with you

your friend Amore
michael bowen postato un mese fa
StrikeArios commentato…
don't think you'll have any luck with a tv mostra buddio un mese fa
ellie021002 detto …
Hey, whats your guys' favroite Citazioni from TVD? postato ·5 mesi fa
CielXlizzy19 detto …
I did a thing. If you're interested in roleplaying TVD, come find me @

The site's a little myspace-y, but with the right people it's extremely fun. postato ·6 mesi fa