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Adinette detto …
Kubou taiki will live on postato ·10 mesi fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
^ PREACH !!!! ·10 mesi fa
TheLefteris24 detto …
Just finished the Story of DRV3 and I must say that I really enjoyed it. If te actually managed to get through it without any spoilers beforehand, I'm pretty sure it is going to leave te stunned. The Characters were really unique, each one in their own way and the Story took a lot of unexpected turns, going even further in its concept than before. Exactly what te would expect from a Danganronpa Game. I believe this entry represents what this entire Franchise is all about the best so far !!!! postato ·12 mesi fa
pandafangirl detto …
Spoilers for DRv3 in the comments. te HAVE
BEEN WARNED. postato più di un anno fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
^ !!!! più di un anno fa