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blackjackpride detto …
OK I AM REPORTING YOU!! te have no right to carica my work on here without asking me and neither do te credit me. for your information, other people are now uploading my work FROM HERE FROM YOUR fanpop ACCOUNT and are now claiming it as their own. te have made me very mad! postato più di un anno fa
blackjackpride detto …
There are still a lot of my pics on here, please cancella them -.- postato più di un anno fa
dara_2ne1 detto …
i already cancella the pics... but if i might left any of ur pic not deleted... please write the commento below the pic.... so i can detect and cancella the pic..... sorry for everything.... and this group had been unactive for a long time... postato più di un anno fa
blackjackpride commentato…
thanks for deleting them. its ok. più di un anno fa