David Bowie This o That Song Game

Ashley-Green posted on May 02, 2011 at 02:03AM
This is a very simple but fun game;

One person posts two of Bowie's song, and the next person picks which song they like better, and then posts another two songs. And so it continues.


Person 1) Yassassin or Young Americans?

Person 2) Young Americans.
Karma Man or Ziggy Stardust?

Person 3) Ziggy Stardust.
Dancing in the Street or Joe the Lion?

And so on ...
(And no overlapping posts)

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più di un anno fa David-Bowie said…
Dancing in the Street.

Five Years or Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed?
più di un anno fa Ashley-Green said…
Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed <3

Song for Bob Dylan or Waterloo Sunset?
più di un anno fa bigcatbigcat said…
Waterloo Sunset.

The Dreamers or Breaking Glass?
più di un anno fa imruininursite said…
Breaking Glass;

Because You're Young or Let's Dance?
più di un anno fa Orange97 said…
Let's Dance.
Suffragette City or Cracked Actor?
più di un anno fa Ashley-Green said…
Cracked Actor.

Quicksand or Letter to Hermione?
più di un anno fa seb101 said…
Quicksand hands down.
Because you're young OR Fashion
più di un anno fa Ashley-Green said…

Blackout or Moss Garden?
più di un anno fa Orange97 said…
Be My Wife or Big Brother?
più di un anno fa Ashley-Green said…
Big Brother <3

Fill Your Heart or Memory of a Free Festival?
più di un anno fa Orange97 said…
Fill Your Heart
Little Wonder or The Heart Filthy Lessons?
più di un anno fa Ashley-Green said…
Little Wonder

Cat People (Putting Out Fire) or Art Decade?
più di un anno fa Orange97 said…
Cat People
All the Young Dudes or Let's Spend The Night Together?
più di un anno fa Ashley-Green said…
Let's Spend the Night Together

Repetition or Tonight?
più di un anno fa Skylen said…

Cygnet Committee or Sweet Thing?
più di un anno fa bigcatbigcat said…
Cygnet Committee

Underground or Time?
più di un anno fa YrsaStardust said…
Aladdin sane or Andy Warhol ?
più di un anno fa ParaBowiefan94 said…
Aladdin sane....the man who sold the world or width of a circle?
più di un anno fa XxxFUMMxxX said…
the Man Who Sold the World

Golden Years or Suffragette City?