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Opinion by amshafe posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
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******I believe they've set up a lot of deliberate parallels between Forwood and Delena, giving us as viewers hints that these two couples will be endgame. They are seen throughout the narrative since S2 in many different ways.

Here's a lista of parallels I've come up with so far:

1) Both Caroline and Elena pretty much hated, o disliked, Tyler and Damon at the start.

2) Both Tyler and Damon pretty much started as villains, but were really just Heroes in villains' clothing.

3) Both couples became Friends before the romantic undertones developed.

4) Both Tyler and Damon stepped aside for their main romantic rival (Matt and Stefan). In Tyler's case, it was S2 when he left Mystic Falls and left a note for Matt saying Caroline needed him and deserves to be happy.

In Damon's case, it was Season 2, ep. 8, when he told Elena he loved her, couldn't be selfish with her, and that he didn't deserve her but Stefan did.