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la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: dirty dacing 1
la scelta dei fan: baby from dirty dancing 1
la scelta dei fan: no!-its a happy song
no!- its a happy song
yes!- &# 39; waaaaaaaa- aaaah!&# 39;
la scelta dei fan: NO!
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Dirty Dancing bacheca

Stephy_01Rane detto …
The other giorno I watched it for this first time. And I turned to my dad and I was like "Damn he's hot." and my dad goes, "And dead." RIP Patrick Swayze for her was in a ton of amazon movies. Ghost, Roadhouse and many more! postato più di un anno fa
nikpoto detto …
ciao guys! Is anyone going to the Dirty Dancing Musical Event at Paley in LA today!? Just curious! o also The Wiltern's 30th Anniversary screening of Dirty Dancing with live dancing on Friday, June 16th?! Both sound so fun! postato più di un anno fa
MelodyMalefoy detto …
My favourite song is "Hungry eyes" and I Amore to see Johnny & Baby dancing ! postato più di un anno fa