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la scelta dei fan: Hannah Montana
la scelta dei fan: I perder non-cartoon
la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: that so raven
Hannah Montana
la scelta dei fan: The Legend of Tarzan
The Legend of Tarzan
Lloyd in spazio
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Princelover1fan detto …
I Amore Disney But i'm più into the older and più mature shows.Not Mickey topo, mouse o anything like that!! postato più di un anno fa
hatelarxene commentato…
That's funny, because Mickey topo, mouse is mature in comparison to the shitty crap on Disney Channel. Also, Mickey topo, mouse is iconic, one of the most iconic characters of all time. Almost none of the Disney Channel shows can claim that. *sips tea* più di un anno fa
hatelarxene commentato…
da the way, don't claim you're into "older and più mature shows" and then be a fan of idiotic trash such as Bizaardvark and Austin & Ally. più di un anno fa
Sparklefairy375 commentato…
^Sort of agree about the Mickey topo, mouse one, without Mickey Disney would never exist and so do all iconic movies/shows that they created. But why te being so nasty if people like something that te hate? Just let them like what they like. più di un anno fa
JaDangerz detto …
Want to help save Wander Over Yonder from cancelation? Sign this petition and spread the word! postato più di un anno fa
DDD1988Redux detto …
We would know that Disney Afternoon is finally being revived on the Disney Channel in 2017, as "Disney Channel Afternoon", starting with 3 shows: "Mad Hatter's Very Happy Un-Birthday Extras for Kids!", a grand revival of "Disney's House of Mouse", and "The Radio Disney Car Tune Show" (which are all in the works da Walt Disney Television, and its animazione division). I'm sharing this info with everyone from! postato più di un anno fa
LexiBailey9 commentato…
I Amore Disney channel don't take it away EVER 😆 più di un anno fa