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la scelta dei fan: ★ The Fairy Godmother/Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo ★
la scelta dei fan: 9-11
la scelta dei fan: Moana
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deedragongirl detto …
Hi guys, let's all pray for the recente Manchester bombing. postato un giorno fa
nmdis commentato…
WTH? There was a bombing again, oh my god..I've been busy with tests so didn't heard news. This is so terrible, I just wish no one gets hurt :( un giorno fa
deedragongirl commentato…
Yea, I saw a post on Facebook da my schoolmate, who's staying in Bristol. cuore wrenching if te ask me! un giorno fa
Starfox2000 commentato…
Those terrorists should burn in hell for killing innocent children. ·21 ore fa
JaDangerz detto …
Thank te all for your kind thoughts, I went through the surgery just fine, my left side is just sore and i have stitches in my gums i have to deal with for a week as well as rest and eating soft foods and liquids. But letting te all know I'm alright I hope to be better after my stitches are removed. postato ·3 giorni fa
disnerdtobe commentato…
Yay good to hear te got over your surgery. Sucks that te have to soft foods and liquids for a week :(. Hopefully you'll have nice teeth after that. :) ·3 giorni fa
deedragongirl commentato…
Wow! I could not imagine myself going through the trauma, at least it's over! ·3 giorni fa
wavesurf commentato…
Oh, I rejoice that your surgery went well! I remember getting my wisdom teeth removed and being on a soft Cibo diet for a week and a half. No fun. But at least, once it heals up, it's better. :) ·3 giorni fa
deedragongirl detto …
Hi guys, I'm downloading Beauty and the Beast so that my brother could enjoy it and I'm listening to Evermore (movie version) now. postato ·3 giorni fa
Funfums commentato…
That's sweet. :) ·3 giorni fa
nmdis commentato…
I watched it yesterday I indeed enjoyed but honestly it makes movie less interesting when te already know what's gonna happen successivo :'( ·2 giorni fa