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la scelta dei fan: Zhang Zilin (China)
la scelta dei fan: Mulan's wedding dress
la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: Iago (Aladdin)
la scelta dei fan: 1-3
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deedragongirl detto …
Hi guys, I'm inviting former Miss Universe, Riyo Mori of Giappone to chat using Gmail hangout. Can somebody help me PLEASE?!?!!? Like what am I to ask her?? I'm scared la!! postato ·2 ore fa
big smile
Winxclubgirl202 detto …
I've been on fanpop for 6 years now, man do I feel old.... postato ·19 ore fa
deedragongirl commentato…
Congrats, old but gold! ·15 ore fa
Winxclubgirl202 commentato…
@deedragongirl and it doesn't help I'll be 20 successivo anno ·15 ore fa
wavesurf commentato…
Congrats on the milestone!!! Age doesn't mean anything, though. :) ·11 ore fa
BB2010 detto …
My husband and I just finished watching Love, Simon and I loved loved LOOOOVED it!!! I saw commercials for it and I didn't know what to expect but then I saw so many people on tumblr loving it and I figured "Why not?" **SPOILER ALERT** think some of my most preferito parts were the "role-reversal" scene (the fantasy of kids coming out as straight and the parents reactions), Simon's fantasy of being gay in college, and the parents' talk with him after he had come out. Highly recommend watching it! postato un giorno fa
Mongoose09 commentato…
I still really need to see this movie. I Amore that there's a LGBT movie that's lighthearted/cheesy (from what I've heard) as most are so bleak and depressing even if they're good. un giorno fa
BB2010 commentato…
it really is lighthearted and when the movie makes gay jokes they're actually tasteful and funny. There's still a couple depressing parts in it because, te know, it's about a kid in the closet and te know he's scared to come out just yet ·20 ore fa