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la scelta dei fan: Pirati dei Caraibi
la scelta dei fan: Leighton Meester
la scelta dei fan: Of course! Nobody is better than him!
la scelta dei fan: 1
la scelta dei fan: 1
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8 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
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NateyChuckLove detto …
We're going to try to trend "Welcome to twitter Ed Westwick" tomorrow October 10th at 3PM EST. If te aren't following him yet please do so! :) @EdWestwick postato più di un anno fa
emanabdallah detto …
ed weskwick i hope to see my commento i Amore te so much im ur egyptian faaaaaaan :D xoxoxox postato più di un anno fa
Persephone713 detto …
I just fell in Amore with him. I am new Ed fan. I fell for him, and will probably fall harder in Amore with him once I see più of him as Tybalt in the new upcoming " Romeo and Juliet". Who needs Romeo- I want Tybalt!!!! postato più di un anno fa
laurik2007 commentato…
Haha, te and me both hun :)) più di un anno fa