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PeachyKeen1994 detto …
I'm thankful anyone can change the privacy settings on their bacheca page on the profilo page. postato ·3 mesi fa
Psychoslasher detto …
Thanks for all, fanpop postato ·3 mesi fa
CommonLawFans commentato…
hi to add link in fanpop profilo ·11 giorni fa
Psychoslasher commentato…
I've never done it but i think it's in 'Add link" :) ·10 giorni fa
CommonLawFans commentato…
thank te for answer .. ·9 giorni fa
Psychoslasher commentato…
You're welcome. ·9 giorni fa
big smile
HaleyDewit detto …
All good, the gold's back! postato ·4 mesi fa
Sparklefairy375 commentato…
Finally! ·4 mesi fa
FireGod commentato…
shame medaglie dont work as they used too but oh well. un mese fa
FireGod commentato…
exactly what i said, "lame" Dx un mese fa