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katealphawolf detto …
People can diss on Bronco's all they want, but te will not find a tougher, o better built 4x4! I can say that because I have spent plenty of time wheeling them, as well as working on them, they are built like tanks! postato più di un anno fa
Red_Pyramid206 detto …
Hello! postato più di un anno fa
katealphawolf commentato…
Sup? più di un anno fa
katealphawolf detto …
Wow, I need to update this club! Going to post up some pics here soon! postato più di un anno fa
katealphawolf commentato…
When te throw the switch to 4WD your world changes. Mountains that once stood proud and snowy become small hills. Raging rivers that shape those mountains become brooks, creeks no più than ... that deep. Mud pits that have swallowed generations of trucks before te become a simple shallow mud puddle on the way to the hill. Woodland fairies, half naked, dressed in ferns, come pouring from the trees at the tops of the hill. They are drawn to te like a falena to a porch light. You'll grow 4 inches, your IQ will leap da 40 points. You'll buy a tow strap and chuckle as te tuck it away because te know ... you'll never need it. più di un anno fa
katealphawolf commentato…
^^Love this quote! Figured it belonged in my Bronco club! XD più di un anno fa