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YEAS!This was on Karate Kid!:3 enjoy!
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Russel was in his room in kong studios, Scrivere a list. It was a lista of faults, if te will. He felt like HE was responsible for the death of Noodle and Del. He was still Scrivere sadly, when 2d came in. "Hey Russel," he asked. "What the heck's that?" The african american sighed. "Look, I feel really bad for Noodle, te know?" Russel got steamy eyed. "First Del, now her. I feel so alone." 2d looked at him, straight in the eye. "Russel. They are in a better place. It's gonna be okay. Besides," 2d smiled. "you have us. Murdoc and I will help." Russel smiled back, still teary.
"Noodle will be okay. And so well Del. Trust me." 2d got up. "Now, practice is in half an hour. Try and keep your chin up." After 2d left, Russel made one last fault. Making the list.
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