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la scelta dei fan: To gain control of the trade routes to the east.
To gain control of the trade...
To bring back Helen.
la scelta dei fan: Wrong. Be faithful to your seventh wife atleast, Zeus!
Wrong. Be faithful to your...
Right! Spending an eternal...
la scelta dei fan: Emmm Hera te exagerated the thing...
Emmm Hera te exagerated the...
Hello?! Zeus te deserved it...
la scelta dei fan: Poseidon
la scelta dei fan: Kind A Of Same Stuff But A little Twisted
Kind A Of Same Stuff But A...
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chocolatefrog detto …
I am looking for mythology innamorati to unisciti my strada, via team. Check out this award winning mythology series :-) Prequel is a free download- I'd Amore to hear your thoughts! My series combines christian, hindu, norse and greek mythologies to create a world totally my own :-) with a heavy reincarnation theme. The prequel is free, there is no risk, so come check it out! postato ·7 mesi fa
Eleni4ever detto …
I aced Greek mythology (AKA: Literature - 2nd. Quarter) in 6th. graced. postato più di un anno fa
Eleni4ever commentato…
Meant 6th. grade più di un anno fa
zeuslover1423 detto …
Im son of zeus need followers postato più di un anno fa