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Fan fiction by harleenquinzel5 posted più di un anno fa
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Before Joker Lost it he was an honest man trying to get some money for his wife & (unborn) child.
So he decided to unisciti The Red- cappuccio gang.
But on the night he was meant to start , he found out his wife and child had died.
But the gang didn't let him leave so he was forced to do it.

Inside an aced factory , he was made to fight Batman.
Then he tripped and fell into aced.

In " Suicide Squad" he stated that after electric shock therapy , he was left in a black hole of anger & memory-loss.

He forgot his wife but HATES feeling love.

That's why he doesn't Amore Harley. But still feels something...

( P.S. I got the info from Batman: killing the Joker / Suicide Squad.)
Opinion by 14K posted più di un anno fa
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Yes, Harley Quinn, the crazy girlfriend that would do anything for the Joker. She's my superiore, in alto preferito character in DC Universe, why? Because she's crazy!
Some people may think it's weird to put a villain on superiore, in alto of Heroes; specially Batman, but call me crazy o stupid; that's me, and te aren't taking Harley away from my number 1 spot in DC.

There are reasons why I Amore her so much.
And some of te may think she's too damn annoying but that's what makes her a character worth loving. (IMO)

Here's some of the reason that I would point out why Harley Quinn is my superiore, in alto DC character.

Her incredibly cute/funny attitude.

She talks, acts, does things with a really funny attitude; for me, it's very cute of her. Every time when she shows up in the comic, I'm ready for a laugh because she can make a Life o Death situation look like a theme park.

Crazy is her weapon.

Article by dustfingerlover posted più di un anno fa
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She inhales sharply.
She hates the irony, and the pain is too much.
She cannot see his face;
He has advanced from behind.
But she does not need too,
She knows his face too well.
His coltello digs deeper into her soft cheek.
He is carving a heart;
Mocking her obsession of him.
He whispers something incoherent to her.
She wishes she had listened closer.
He caresses her unmarked cheek with his gloved hand.
She closes her eyes,
Half wishing it was over,
Half wishing it would never end.

-Emily Rose-

Guide by Cliff040479 posted più di un anno fa
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FULL NAME: Harleen Quinzel
ALIAS: Harley Quinn
HEIGHT: 5 foot, 3 inches
WEIGHT: 115 pounds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde (bleached, real colour unknown)
COMPLEXION: Caucasian.
OCCUPATION: Psychotic criminal and accomplice to The Joker; is madly in Amore with him and devotes her life to him as a consequence
FORMER OCCUPATION: Criminal Pyschologist.
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Gotham City, Gotham County, USA.
The Joker (real identity unknown)
Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy
Elite level ginnasta
Super strength, agility and toxin immunity
PhD in Psychology from Gotham University
    harley quinn
Little is known of Harley Quinn's life before she went to Arkham Asylum as an intern.
We can speculate that, as an attractive, athletic and ebullient person, she was a highly popolare young woman, growing up with lots of Friends and enjoying a stress-free life. Maybe she was part of her high-school's cheerleading squad. She was almost certainly on the gymnastics team.