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i dont know about te guys, but to me it seems like someone leaves every season.

season 1: Vogler
season2: Stacey
season 3: Tritter
season 4: Amber

well, it seems to me that this season, the target may be....


well, its the only logical choice. no one elsse came this season. i mean, rachel is just plain amazing, but i think she may leave ='[

the reason she may leave, i dont know, but this was the only thinking i did all day, and im kinda proud of myself....

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what to do now?
the season 7 promo is out.
and it's confirmed.

I've been watching House ever sins season 1, and up Intel now, I've been a HUGE Hamerone fan, season 1 was ALL Hamerone, season 2 had great scenes,season 3 had the kiss......and then.....
watching episodes, hoping just to see a scene with the two characters:P not even knowing what the Hell happened to the patient!
it became an addiction to me!
I couldn't study, couldn't sleep, couldn't do ANYTHING!!

but, what am i nagging about.....
Camerone is not even in the mostra anymore:P
House and Cuddy are officially the only ship on House...
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First this articolo contains a LOT o spoiler but it isn't about spoilers! So stop Leggere if te don't want to get spoiled

Hey ya House MD Fans! Long since I wrote an articolo here! First of all: if after Leggere this little articolo te feel like bashing me, nehhh go ahead I can take it! And secondo of all: try not to because it’s not nice.

Ok so the big question, what the heck are te Scrivere about this time?

I’m talking about THE kiss. Dun grigio, dun grigio, dun Daaaaannnn!!! Really I’m talking about it because GOSH! Would te please chill out?
Why should I chill out? Didn’t te see the promo she kissed...
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Latley, there has been alot of dibattito about Huddy and Luddy here on the Huddy spot.

I used to visit this spot più than any other spot on fanpop. I loved Scrivere fics, making images, and squee-ing about Huddy with others who were as obsessed with Huddy as I was.

I still Amore doing thses things. The only thing that changed when Luddy was introduced was the Huddy spot itself.

When I come here, I feel like I'm diving into a squalo tank.

We have people literally *attacking* individual users who aren't even THERE to begin with for doing nothing but not liking Huddy. Huddies on the Luddy spot making...
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I have been thinking a lot lately about the direction of House fandom. A number of creative decisions made on the mostra in season six have not been well received da some sub-groups of fan and these fan have taken their frustrations out on people like David puntellare, riva and Greg Yaitanes, and even on the actors and attrici on the show.

I'll start da acknowledging that I am a freak who ships many ships on the show, so in that sense I do have a perspective that many people may not share. But I think that because I sit in so many camps, my perspective may shed some light on these issues.

The main issue...
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credit da ohquizasquizasquizas, song da the kinks - all giorno and all night:) high stakes poker, rival thieves, and sex. what più could te want?
house md
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
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Thought the Huddy breakup was devastating? That was nothing compared to today's cuore break. @LisaEdelstein will not be returning for season 8.

I, just like many of you, am in shock. While I knew something was coming, I hadn't really let myself believe it. But today, the harsh reality has hit us. If te turn on House MD successivo season, Lisa Edelstein will not appear. While I Amore the cast/crew, the mostra will not be the same without LE. She is the cuore of the mostra & there is no one that can fill the void that her departure will create.

That being said, our voices must be heard. I am creating...
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A couple of months goes da and his leg is getting better. He wakes up and Lisa is still asleep. Greg stares at her belly and smiles. He hugs her and then thinks of their baby. Cuddy opens her eyes and smiles.
‘Morning. I’m huge, uh?’ Today they’ll know if they are having a boy o a little girl. ‘Are te coming with me later?’
‘Of course, I'm not gonna leave my little balena alone...’ House smirks.
‘I don’t like that nickname…’ She says serious. ‘Wow, aren’t te a bit nervous? What do te think we’ll have?’
‘Hmmm... I think we'll have a boy, I had a hunch!!’
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