iPhone All-IN-ONE Gun2|45 pistole in ONE!Nice shooting game!

cathy009 posted on Aug 13, 2010 at 08:50AM

All in one gun2 renews its legend!! This application, which has ranked first many countries, comes back with target shooting and open feint mode!! 45 legend guns will empower you with realistic shooting experience! Compete with your friends!

51 3d guns put on sale!! Please search for “51 gun” in app store. 51 perfect weapons with 3d effect~Only $0.99 in total!!!

★ This is NOT a lite version ★
★ This is a FULL featured application ★

This is, by far, one of the most popular gun apps in iTunes! Its addictive and gameplay has attracted countless fans! It ranked the top five apps in many countries!! Approved by everyone!!

Realistic target shooting mode! 45 weapons which can be divided into 7 categories! Take all of them for free~~

Verisimilitude graphics, realistic sounds, perfect recoil and gorgeous fire effects, 45 cool weapons!! Is there anything better than this one?? GET IT!!And make your friends envious!

Please control the game sound and your motion when you are playing this game in the public place. Because others may be confused by the realistic sounds and they may think you're carrying a real gun!
--------Target mode and free mode
--------Select guns freely in target mode
--------Support open feint. A comparison of your historical records and others’ records
--------Shake to shoot or touch screen to shoot
---------Recoil effect
---------Awesome animation and graphics
---------Excellent original sound (you can even hear the bullet shell dropping)
---------Smoke-filled effect while shooting
--------- Infinite ammo
---------Multi-shooting modes
---------popular weapons


AK47,F2000,SCAR-H CQC,TAR-21,Vector




M1014,Model 1887,Ranger,AA 12,SPAS-12




Categories including: submachine gun, handgun, light machine gun, Sniper Rifle and etc
 http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/all-in-one-gun2-45-guns-in-one/id383823302?mt=8# All in one gun2 rene

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