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News by MultiLoisa posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
Hakusensha confirmed on Tuesday that the 16th volume of Julietta Suzuki's Kamisama baciare manga will bundle a new original Anime DVD. The DVD will include two Anime titled "Kamisama, Suterareru" and "Kamisama, Onsen ni Iku."

One of the included Anime will be based on the story from the manga's 15th volume, while the other will contain an all-new original story. The disc will also feature a bath scene with Tomoe and "that character." The staff and cast from the manga's fall 2012 Televisione Anime adaptation are returning for the Anime DVD. Like the Anime series, Akitaro Daichi will direct the Anime at the studio TMS Entertainment.

The bundle will ship for 3,300 yen (about US$33) on August 20. The deadline for fan to pre-order the volume is June 24. A new Kamisama baciare fan book will also bundle a CD featuring Shinnosuke Tachibana (Tomoe) and Nobuhiko Okamoto (Mizuki) and ship for 2,800 yen (US$28) on June 20.

Suzuki's original shōjo manga follows Nanami, a girl who finds herself homeless after her father leaves. She comes to the home of a man who offers to let her stay over — only to discover it is a Shinto shrine. The man happened to be a...