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la scelta dei fan: Poker Face
la scelta dei fan: Gaga
la scelta dei fan: Monster- Lady Gaga
la scelta dei fan: gaga
la scelta dei fan: My preferito song da GaGa: Telephone feat Beyoncé
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NewBoyz231 detto …
I don't know about any of you,
But personally, i think this spot could use a makeover. I have NOTHING against the icona that is currently in the club, but te know, we could use a new banner. This is just my opinion.
I'm sure if others have opinions about this, they'd either be against o with this idea. I mean, the banner could do with a little più pictures on it etc. postato più di un anno fa
aNNalovechuck commentato…
agree!!! più di un anno fa
IsidoraSmiley detto …
come on! gaga is so much better! postato più di un anno fa
NewBoyz231 detto …
Got My Die- Hard fan Medal!! :D postato più di un anno fa
Ryan231 commentato…
Congraterz xD più di un anno fa
NewBoyz231 commentato…
Thank te Bro o: più di un anno fa
NewBoyz231 commentato…
Well Its a Medal..You just Earn it da adding to a club.. più di un anno fa