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Single Parents stars Taran Killam, Leighton Meester, Kimrie Lewis, Jake Choi and Brad Garrett, and premieres September 26 on ABC.
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Leighton: (on the Rockefeller Center Garden Rooftop) This would definitely work as a mostra location. Who doesn't Amore a pool and a lawn in Manhattan?

Leighton: Donatella is, like, kind of the shit.

Leighton: (On 'Gossip Girl') It's mature, but I feel like it speaks to kids and it doesn't white wash anything.

Leighton: (On her Amore life) I am so good at keeping it not complicated.

Leighton: (On what she did for Valentines Day.) I was in Toronto and spent the giorno there. I got a couples massage with my castmate Nicole Fiscella. We went back to L.A., a friend of mine came over and we watched a movie...
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