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la scelta dei fan: Dont Like Them!! There Will Only Ever Be One Marilyn Monroe.
la scelta dei fan: Marilyn
la scelta dei fan: The White one in "Seven anno Itch"
la scelta dei fan: None
la scelta dei fan: Black & White
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djpavone detto …
Just published my book "The Marilyn Mysteries" Available on amazon Kindle in eBook o paperback. It a fun story where I bring back Marilyn as a ghost to solve a murder mystery. It's a great read for Marilyn Fans. See link to it below. postato ·3 mesi fa
AcidBanter detto …
Just finished 'Marilyn Monroe: The Passion and the Paradox'. A really good read. Anyone else read it? postato più di un anno fa
cherl12345 commentato…
Wow più di un anno fa
cherl12345 detto …
Subsequent to Leggere a biography of Marilyn Monroe recently, Joe Diamaggio was angry with Frank Sinatra and the Kennedys, that he barred all of them from attending her funeral postato più di un anno fa