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la scelta dei fan: All of them!!!
Yes, outfits that mimicked his...
No, but wanted to own...
la scelta dei fan: Slave To The Rhythm
la scelta dei fan: Diana
la scelta dei fan: i liked him no matter what color his skin was
i liked him no matter what...
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Michael Jackson bacheca

cherl12345 detto …
Life is beautiful knowing Michael was in the world postato ·19 giorni fa
MJisLove4life detto …
Hi Everyone.... Sorry I Havent Been On Here In Awhile. Life Has Been Hard For Me. And It Seems Like Michael's Musica Doesn't Help Me Anymore Like It Has In The Past.... Idk Whats Wrong with Me...... I Think I Need To Take A Brake From My Dear Michael But I Don't Want To. Like He Is My Everything. Idk.... Maybe The Older Fanpopers Can Help Me Out.... postato ·29 giorni fa
liberiangirl_mj commentato…
what happens? I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems, I haven't been on here either because I don't have the time I used to have to stay online, I had some problems too.. Be strong, if te need to talk with someone.. here I am, if te really need to take a break.. if that's how te feel.. just take it. If te have someone if your life (which is totally normal!!) and this is why te say te need to take a break "like he's your everything"... remember that Michael wanted his fan to be happy, to smile.. Enjoy your life, be always happy, be strong when life is hard. I always have in mind that Amore is the only way to sposta on...take care and hope to hear from te :) ·26 giorni fa
cherl12345 commentato…
I'm still here ·19 giorni fa
glelsey detto …
My personal Halloween tradition is to make sure I listen to Thriller at least once every 31st October. postato un mese fa