its a beautiful saturday morning at the neverland ranch as michael is standing up in front of the window while looking out the window michael starts to glaze at the trees and the erba and the birds and fiori and the soft sky blue sky with not a nube, nuvola in the sky with beautiful sunlight gleaming infront of him michael starts to think what he wants to do he starts to think if he wants to go outside and just take a walk around the ranch o care for the animali michael desides to just walk around the ranch and to check on the rides to see if there working properly as michael heads his way to his bedroom door to go out into the hallway as he opens the door he hears a soft wimper in the distance as michael starts to cerca to see where the wimper is coming from he starts to look all around the hall to see who's there as michael heads his way up the hallway he starts to get closer and closer the the wimper sound as he gets closer he see's a shadow that looks kinda blury but who is it o what is it he starts to think as michael turns the corner he see's that its just bubbles Lost his way michael starts to giggle and say bubbles how te get Lost and pics him up and starts to walk to the cucina to check on the staff to see if there up to speed michael heads his way to the front door to take a brisk walk around the ranch to check on the rides but before michael gets halfway down the sidewalk one of his employee's chases after him and screams his name as michael stops in his tracks he turns around to see what's up his employee tells him that they forgot to tell him that something came inside the ranch and that they found it inside the pantry michael starts to get worried he askes his employee what is it o who is it he tells him to go look for himself so michael starts to walk his way to the pantry to check this thing out as michael approches the pantry he see's it but what is it o who is it ? too be continued