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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Case cracker was driving his car on the highway. He was heading north for Sausalito to get an upgrade for his Flam Tornado when this occurred.

Fillydelphia Ponies: *In a black Pearla, a Capri and a red Amigo*
Fillydelphia pony 75: Three years, and we're still after this son of a bitch.
Case Cracker: *Looks at the three cars behind him*
Fillydelphia pony 53: He's looking at us.
Fillydelphia pony 47: But he's not doing anything.
Fillydelphia pony 53: Shoot him.
Fillydelphia pony 47: *Leans out of the car with his assault fucile and fires six bullets*
Case Cracker: *Floors it*
Fillydelphia Ponies: *Following him*
Filydelphia pony 75: I got the Lambronyni, so it looks like I'm the only one that can get him. *Catching up to Case Cracker*
Case Cracker: *Opens his window, and with his magic, shoots at the pony with his assault rifle*
Fillydelphia pony 75: *Gets shot, and crashes his car. It rolls over several times*
Fillydelphia Ponies: *Pass by*
Ponies: *Stop their cars to avoid crashing into the Lambronyni*
Fillydelphia pony 49: *On walkie talkie* Get a helicopter! They took down one of our cars.

The helicopter was flying near the Golden Neigh Bridge, waiting for Case Cracker.

Case Cracker: *Sees the helicopter* Man, this is just gonna be a repeat of what happened 3 years ago.
Pilot: *Flying above Case Cracker*
Case Cracker: *Shooting at the helicopter*
Pilot: *Fires a missile*
Fillydelphia pony 49: He's escaping.
Pilot: That missile will hit him, and he'll die.

The missile blew up right behind Case Cracker's car. It flipped onto it's roof.

Fillydelphia pony 49: Heh. Looks like te weren't lying.
Pilot: Make sure that I'm right, and that he's dead.
Fillydelphia pony 49: On it.
Fillydelphia Ponies: *Slowly passing the car, and see Case Cracker*
Fillydelphia pony 49: te were right. That missile did kill him.
Fillydelphia Ponies: *Driving away*
Pilot: *Leaves the scene*
Case Cracker: *Opens his eyes as he gets out of his car*

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