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KahunaKumu detto …
Nat I'm sitting here having a quiet moment, I’m now 63 having a cup of coffee reminiscing of the years gone da listening to your Musica once again.. It still makes me sad to know that te are gone.. But oh what a joy it brings to me and my family when we here your Musica especially during Natale time, God Bless te and your whole family my friend… postato più di un anno fa
cherl12345 detto …
Joined da the likes of Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson, Nat "King" Cole has secured a place in musical royalty' postato più di un anno fa
mypianosite detto …
The Natale Song Sheet for Pianoforte is simply beautiful. Nat Cole's voice along with it is amazing! Definitely his voice makes my Natale time the best time of the Year! postato più di un anno fa