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 one direction 2013
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one direction 2013
one direction 2013
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This One Direction foto might contain ben vestito persona, vestito, vestito di pantaloni, tailleur pantalone, pantaloni tuta, tuta, persona ben vestita, completo, vestito di affari, and pantleg.

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Zayn: If he knows that you're angry, he'll instantly bring te to lie down with him. As you're laying on your sides, your back to him and his front facing you, Zayn will avvolgere his arms around te and pull te close to him, baciare a spot behind your ear, and sometimes he'll nibble on your ear lobe, because he knows that's what keeps te calm. All of his Amore and affection.

Harry: When you're angry around Harry, he knows exactly what to do to keep te happy. First he'll sit te down on the divano and draw te closer to him, his arm wrapped tight around your shoulders as he lets te rant about why...
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Okay,some of them are short,some are not! A few might be missing! Sorreh!

You sighed,glaring at Louis from across the cena table,"Shut up,Louis. You're just jealous of my dog's sexiness" "NUH-UH! I don't have a dog..but mine is sexier!" Louis poked his tongue out
Harry stood up,"Hey,(Y/N),can I talk to te outside?" "Sure" te nodded,"Anything to get away from this bum" "Be jealous of my bum and Larry Stylinson" Louis exclaimed. "Not for long" te heard Harry mutter. te walked out to the deck of the ship te and the boys were on. "What's going on,Haz?" te asked,worried the slightest...
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