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la scelta dei fan: Haley
la scelta dei fan: Brooke and Nathan
la scelta dei fan: Naley
la scelta dei fan: Leyton
la scelta dei fan: I never stopped loving Naley.
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Answer: Brucas! I can't help but Amore them! She's the ying...
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naley543 detto …
Nathan and Haley...i just can't. postato più di un anno fa
beauteousone detto …
ciao guys! this is my very first time to unisciti sites like this. truth is, i 've been obssessed with OTH, especially the character of lucas scott. i Amore him like i really Amore him!! i have heard of this mostra way back long ago. but i just had the last 7 days to watch the entire 6 seasons. at the moment, i believe that the mostra ended when lucas and peyton left so im not planning to watch my copy of seasons 7-9 (atleast for the moment.) ♥ postato più di un anno fa
lovebug92 detto …
im soooo...., excited for Season 9!!!!! postato più di un anno fa