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la scelta dei fan: BOTH
la scelta dei fan: With his Glasses!
la scelta dei fan: Kaoru( I'm wearing arancia, arancio shorts now ) ( thats his color)
Kaoru( I&# 39; m wearing orange...
Hikaru(my fav)
la scelta dei fan: Girl
la scelta dei fan: I think its cute/hot
Ewww, it gross
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crazyhamsterlgh detto …
Who els is crying insid3 because there’s no secondo season? postato ·8 mesi fa
SukiChan394 detto …
OMG OURAN! THIS IS MY FIRST Anime I WATCHED! IT WAS AMAIZNG! I Amore THIS SO MUCH! postato più di un anno fa
DJGinger detto …
A friend I took to Prom disguised as a guy sent a link to this Anime when I told her i was looking for something light and funny... I usually go for subtle romance in fantasy/historical settings with action. I must own this manga series! The anime... I bust out laughing almost EVERY episode. It is now in my preferiti of all time list. It struck a chord thou I am not like the heroine very much and I went to boarding school thru "daddy!" postato più di un anno fa