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Ok, I'm not in the best mood to write.... so I'm sorry this chapter is going in a wrong direction. So far all of my buddies (ashesandwine, just_bella, and Emmett4ever) are gone, so I will have to deal with this da myself. *mutters* Hope te enjoy this chpater anyway.....

Bella's POV

Jessica stared at Anastasia and me for two long minutes, and she bursted out laughing.
"Sure. Sure. te can snap my head off right now. I would Amore to see te try. I have a black cintura in Kung Fu." Jessica said.
Anastasia crouched, and before she could spring, I restrained her da wrapping my arms around her waist.
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Alirght guys, last one for today! ^_^

Bella's POV

"I'm correct?" Tom whispered in surprise.
I looked at Tom. I felt my expression was nervous, but yet serious. We continued walking down the streets, not actually knowing where we are going, but I trust Edward's judgements. He was leading the way, while holding my hand on my right. Tom was at my left. It was about 11:00 PM. And it was cloudy, so no one could see our secret.

"Tom...when te shot Mark... I was shot too. Remember?" I asked first.
He nodded. "Yes, I remember, Edward's father... Carlisle? Had to treat you."
I took a deep breath.
"I could...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
When I woke up the successivo giorno I found myself in my room, in Charlie's house. I wasn't the only in my room. Edward and Bella were both standing in the right-left corner of my room. Just staring with suspicion, anger, worried and relief in their eyes. I knew was in big trouble. Great just what I need. I tell that they wanted to know why I ran away for a anno and 5 months with even calling. What was I going to tell them? How was I going to explain it to them? "I ran away because I'm running from the Volturi. After Jacob found out that I'm from here. I'm actually from the future, and oh ya did I...
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This trailer came out today, on March 11, 2010. Can't wait for the movie to come :)
Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Taylor Lautner
Hey people! I found some interesting things on If te guys have a account, put ALL of these on your accounts!

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I'm ARAB, so I MUST be a terrorist.
I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch.
I'm a GAY RIGHTS SUPPORTER, so I WILL go to hell.
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I'm not sure if I can write tommorrow, so here's an extra one for u today! It's the last one for now! ^_^

Bella's POV

Everyone stared at me with wide eyes.
"How is that possible? No one can bring people from the dead." Carlisle whispered.
"But, the Chosen one can." Edward detto behind me.
"Bella? What did te do with Edward and Renesmee while te were gone." Esme asked, with a worried expression.
"It's a long story. But to cut things short, I had solved 3 tasks. The last one, was trying to escape from Hell." I said.
Everyone's mouths dropped with shock, especially Carlisle, which is no surprise...
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Anyone miss Leah and Alice? I do! ^_^

Edward's POV

Back in Ch. 50...

Go, she needs comfort. She's struggling. Alice thought.
"Thanks Alice. It's already sunrise. te should check up on Leah, she might wake up any minute." I told her.
You are right

Then I saw one of Alice's vision:
Leah woke up and went into Alice's room and Bella and mine room looking for us and was clueless and confused on where we are.
"Go." I said.
Alice's took off and ran to the car and drove away.


Alice's POV


I drove away, and saw that the horizon was peaceful in the sky. I took a deep breath from the fresh...
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I MIGHT put another one up tonight...we'll see... ^_^ PS: Those who wonder about Alice and Leah, the successivo chapter will be in Alice's POV. ♥♥♥

Bella's POV

I was holding Tom the whole way, while we were running. But I didn't complain, he's light as a feather to me at least.
We were headed South, and I can sense that the Volturi was following us.
"Where should we go?" I asked Edward.
"There." he said, while pointing to the security line on the border line of USA and Mexico. I stared at him in confusion.
"Do te even have your passport?" I asked Edward.
"I have all of our passports." Edward...
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Still tired from yesterday.... This will be the only one today. But I hope that I will be più cheerful tommorrow. But thanks to yesterday, I got about 10 new ideas up my sleeves. ^_^

Bella's POV

I just stared at Aro and Edward in confusion.
A shield? What? Like the ones in Medieval Times wearing a shiny new armor?
"I can see your confusion, Bella. But this is something that we didn't experience before. This ability can be very powerful, and something we should not treat lightly." Aro detto with reverence in his voice.
I was only confused farther. I didn't commento of Aro's, statement. I can...
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