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Opinion by Bjbul1313 posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
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I can not begin to express how embarrassed I am. I just wanted the apparent God of this website to hear a thing o two.

Sir. te have humor nailed, and te can do anything in the world with it. My buddy is in the business and has opened up to me some of the best work te have done (specifically the Friends episode of awkward silences and hilarity that ensues).

te need to establish the masterpiece of comedy, first. While we all cherish what te do; we need the masterpiece (we seriously need that unseen footage of te and Dave personified with someone that can keep up with you).

After that, I'd Amore to see te in a più complex role. te are freakishly talented and well-rounded. Meryl Streep, Marlon Brando, and maybe miss Kate Winslett have it over you. Obviously te have not tried anything that could rival to the greats thus far. I DO think te are the absolute perfect diamond in the rough.

And yes. Masters in theatre and advertising. Doctorate in communications, Microbiology, and Chemistry.