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A clip from Party Of One
pinkie pie
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 Pinkie Pie's car
Pinkie Pie's car
This fanfic is a combination of My Little pony with a movie called Duel. If te have not seen Duel, then te should. It is very good.

Mr. Cake: Pinkie Pie did te get your new car?
Pinkie: Eeyup, I got a Hoofington Diligence.
Mrs. Cake: Allright. We need te to go into the badlands to get these ingredients.
Pinkie: Frosting, flour, eggs, and milk. Okey dokey lokey.
Mr. Cake: Keep the lista with te in case te forget.
Pinkie: *takes list*

Pinkie drove off to go into the badlands to get the ingredients that she was told to get. 50 minuti later she got behind a big rig carrying gasoline. It was...
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I think the relation between me and Pinkie is what brought me to like her, besides the memory of her from my childhood and the fact that she's hilarious! So, here are the reasons, very short list...
1. I have a lot of friends.
2. I have blue eyes. (not as big and sparkly though).
3. I like to have fun.
5. I've broken out into song once o twice. (but it'll kill your eardrums, not like her Angel voice).
6. I can get depressed real easily, but then perk right up once it's all resolved.
7. I'm funny. (I think).
8. I can be super random but not popping out of nowhere like an epic ninja.
9. PINK! (though I prefer purple).
10. I hop and skip around.
Just ten, but I basically covered the traits she and I share.

Pinkie Pie FanClub needs articles. Yay!
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