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This is where we are with Private Practice; presenting consistency, brilliant recitazione and a wonderful cast engaging in unthinkable story lines. Way to go Shonda Rhimes. The focus with 'Pulling the Plug' actually reflected the title. Naomi wanted to pull the plug on Addison and let whatever friendship they had flow down the drain. We also had the end of carlotta, charlotte and Sheldon (gladly), probably even carlotta, charlotte and Cooper. Finally the plug is pulled and Pete reveals his true feelings to Addison about Violet. Who would despise it più than Addison in that moment to be called da another woman's name....
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Triangles are usually associated with Amore affairs and mixed feelings within mixed relationships. Now 'Triangles' could have been placed on the Cooper-Charlotte-Sheldon trio, where Cooper couldn't bare the jealousy of carlotta, charlotte and another man together, the triangolo could be placed among Addison-Pete-and-Sam o even Addison-Sam-and-Naomi. This episode bore it's focus on so many triangular related plots, that even the titolo had to succumb to it. If there was any doubt about the triangular theme, Naomi-White-and-Fife should put the final touch on the many altered and complex relationships already...
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A fanvideo about Addison Montgomery.
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Even as the titolo is 'Fear of Flying', it didn't only revolve around Sheldon's case, with the woman. It actually reflected everyone's fear of flying. Addison was afraid to hurt Naomi's feelings and venture into a relationship with Sam, Sam was afraid to sposta on with someone that didn't quite remind him of Addison, Naomi was afraid to explore her feelings for Fife, Cooper was afraid to admit his feelings for Charlotte, carlotta, charlotte was afraid to get hurt again and viola was afraid to come home. Each and every character, had their fear similar to that of flight, climbing and moving up o even moving...
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